Current Triple L Hay Prices

This hay season has been a little crazy!  We went from having rain on everything to being dry as a bone!  Alfalfa Cow Hay is getting hard to come by this season. Our Cow Hay is  nice alfalfa that has wet spots in it.  There will be bad spots in the bale.  It is also high in protein.  Below is our current prices for all bales of hay. Please check back often for updated pricing. If you have any questions on quality or availability, please feel free to contact us at:


or submit a an online inquiry below:

Alfalfa #1


Bermuda #1


Alfalfa #2


Bermuda #2


Alfalfa #3


Bermuda Cow Hay


Mix Hay





Our deliveries include alfalfa, bermuda, cow hay, any bags of feed that you might need and anything else we carry in our store!