We’re figuring this out!

Wow!  From learning all the in’s and out’s to running a feed store, to figuring out this website posting, my brain is filled to over flowing! I love it!  Learning is fantastic and although it takes me a second to catch on to running a website (and I’m no where close to having it down) the feed stores are so fun!  I have grown to love the employees and the more of our customers I get to  know, the more blessed I feel to have such good people coming to the stores!

So, While I am fumbling through the website, please continue to check our facebook page and call any time to check prices or ask questions!

Sincerely I thank you for your business and wish you a very Merry Christmas!


With the alfalfa growing season winding down for our short Arizona winters, we are preparing our fields to plant a fresh new alfalfa stand in the spring!  We have planted a good deal more acreage in bermuda to supply the feed stores with bermuda and alfalfa throughout the winter.  It has been a great summer and we are looking forward to a busy winter!